Classy Selma Blair Using A Walking Bike

“I got places to go! Sometimes I can’t do it on my own two feet. Sometimes I have to sit down and roll with the punches.”

By Faith Brar
Photo: Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Veuve Clicquot

Ever since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), Selma Blair has been sharing intimate pieces of her life with her followers to raise awareness for the life-altering central nervous system disorder. Most recently, she posted a picture of herself riding a pedal-less walking bike that has helped her get around when she isn’t able to on her own. (Related: Selma Blair Says a 23andMe Test Hinted at Her Future MS Diagnosis)

“I got places to go,” she wrote alongside the photo. “Sometimes I can’t do it on my own two feet. Sometimes I have to sit down and roll with the punches.”

Blair says she first saw the bike, known as the Alinker, at her MS doctor’s office and was gifted one by fellow actress and MS patient Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Turns out, the Alinker walking bike isn’t just for people with MS but is designed “for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities,” according to their website. For Blair, it provides a sense of independence, since her MS causes her to struggle with balance. (Related: Selma Blair Says Doctors Didn’t Take Her Grievances Seriously Before Her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis)

Loss of balance is a particularly debilitating side effect of having MS, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. That’s why the actress used a cane at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. “I usually hold onto someone’s arm if possible. But I need a balance. A cane,” she previously commented on Instagram.

Still, a cane can feel somewhat restricting, which is why Blair is in love with her Alinker, she says. “I love being able to move at the speed of sound,” she wrote. “Totally here for this innovation.”



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