Cindy Crawford ‘Back At It ‘ Workout 2

Cindy Crawford Is ‘Back at It’ With New Workout Video on Instagram

Cindy Crawford is “back at it” in the gym, as she revealed in an impressive new workout video. The actress performed a serious balancing act with a medicine ball, keeping in shape and fashionable in the process.Crawford gave a shout out to her personal trainer, Sarah Hugaman in her post. She wrote that the two of them were “back at it” as alongside a video of her doing squats. Crawford stood with a medicine ball sandwiched between her back and the wall, allowing her to squat low with her feet flat and pointed forward.

Crawford had her arms raised high overhead in the video, emphasizing her full extension. She wore grey capri-length leggings and a black mesh tank top. Her hair was in a casual ponytail and her expression was one of careful concentration.

Crawford has had a long career as a model, actress and general celebrity presence. The 53-year-old is now an exemplar of longevity and health, as many of her envious followers noted in the comments below her post.

“She should totally do a fitness video targeting women in their 40’s and up. It seems the market is hardcore or for seniors,” one fan noted.

“Always stunning and always inspiring,” added another.

“Yes!” a third person wrote. “I STILL exercise to 1994’s ‘The Next Challenge’ 5 days a week. And I’m a guy! Love that workout.”

Crawford produced four home workout videos in the earlier years of her career. They were spread across a decade, starting with Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body Workout in 1992. After that came Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge Workout in 1993, Cindy Crawford: A New Dimension in 2000 and then Mini-Muscles with Cindy Crawford and the Fit-wits in 2001.

It sounds like many fans are eager for more of this kind of content from Crawford, but she has not announced any such plans. She herself seems to be working closely with Hagaman, who re-posted Crawford’s video to her own Instagram. She pointed out what the model was doing right, advising her followers to follow her example.

0COMMENTS“Don’t forget to take the time to warm up,” she wrote. “These assisted/ supported wall squats are safe for the back and fire up the quads and glutes!”

After a lifetime of modeling, acting and making public appearances, it seems like Crawford is now exercising just for the health and joy of it. She has no upcoming projects listed on either her website or her IMDb page, but her Instagram is full of snaps from her idyllic daily life.