2024 Fitness Fashion Trends

As athleisure wear continues to dominate the fashion landscape in 2024, the emphasis on sustainability, comfort, and style remains at the forefront. With eco-friendly materials, seamless technology, bold prints, tech-infused features, and versatile designs, athleisure enthusiasts have an exciting array of options to choose from. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who simply appreciates the fusion of fashion and function, the best trends in athleisure wear for 2024 offer something for everyone. Get ready to elevate your activewear game and embrace a lifestyle that effortlessly blends comfort with style.

The Best Trends in Athleisure Wear 2024

Fitting in exercise or sports classes around your daily plans often means you have to rush from work or other commitments to the gym whilst ensuring you leave enough time to get changed. Designed to present a functional solution, athleisure wear means you won’t have to change at all. This growing trend blends a relaxed style with functional workout wear and is becoming popular among those looking to fit in daily or weekly workouts alongside other plans.

Made from performance-enhancing, breathable and durable materials, athleisure presents a versatile and time-saving wardrobe addition. So whether you’re lounging or going for a run, this apparel is designed to comfortably see you through most activities. If you’re looking for some athleisure clothing to see you through the day, read on to find out more about what it is, why it’s beneficial for those with active lifestyles and outfits that showcase the latest athleisure trends.

What is athleisure?

Blending style, comfort and functionality, athleisure is a fashion trend that has grown in popularity in recent years. Essentially a hybrid of athletic wear and casual clothing, athleisure is designed to be worn to any setting; characterised by its suitability for both exercise and everyday wearing.

Why is athleisure so popular?

Whether your plans revolve around heading to the gym or a sports class, working from home or meeting friends, athleisure is well-known for its versatility. Rather than choosing a separate outfit for each occasion; this allows you to wear the same casual outfit throughout the day. Becoming popular during the covid lockdowns where people abandoned the latest styles and favoured more relaxed options, athleisure wear has continued to see a heightened demand ever since.

Hugely beneficial for active lifestyles, athleisure can help people stay active and motivated no matter the setting they are in, allowing them to easily fit their workout routines into a busy schedule without having to change into a new outfit each time. Athleisure wear is also well-known for providing enhanced comfort while wearers go about their day-to-day lives.

Is athleisure still in style for 2024?

The demand for athleisure wear doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This means, for 2024, it’s strongly expected to continue; centering around comfortable, movable and aesthetically pleasing apparel. This means lounge-focussed clothing such as overlays, hoodies, tops, joggers and leggings all come under this category.

However, as with any trend, athleisure wear has evolved over the years. While this initially focussed on blending comfort and style in equal amounts, today this style places more emphasis on the former.

Athleisure outfits

Whether you’re looking to pair a casual top with leggings, or you would prefer sporting a warmer hoodie and joggers combination, with athleisure trends constantly developing, we’ve listed a range of men’s and women’s athleisure wear trends for 2024.

Women’s athleisure trends


The women’s Enigma jersey and Enigma leggings for women make a staple part of the loungewear collection at Avec Sport. A classic pairing designed to be functional and versatile, both feature a breathable design that offers complete movability to see you through any activity in comfort.

Conforming to the latest athleisure trends, both the top and leggings are made from a quick-dry fabric and allow a flattering silhouette. Offering a statement style with contrasting Avec branding, this pairing will help you look great and feel comfortable across a variety of day-to-day settings.

Available in a lively turquoise or black, the women’s Enigma fleece hoodie is the perfect option for layering over other items available in our range of women’s leisurewear. Whether you’re searching for an extra layer during an outdoor workout, or you’re lounging around the house, the relaxed feel combined with the inner fleece lining presents a harmonious balance between versatility and aesthetics.

The women’s Enigma overlay is available in two colours and provides a thinner alternative to a traditional hoodie for when this may be too warm. A simple layer for any indoor or outdoor activity, this functional overlay is made with a lightweight and movable premium quality material. The piece is also complete with a ¾ length zip allowing you to easily adjust your coverage level.

Men’s athleisure trends


The men’s Enigma fleece hoodie paired with the men’s Enigma navy fleece pant blends functionality, style and comfort while conforming to the latest leisurewear trends. An ideal option for those needing some extra warmth from their apparel, both the hoodie and pants are crafted from a high quality fleece material and offer a soft and moveable pairing. Perfect for going about your day-to-day, both athleisure pieces are finished with a drawcord to help you adjust your fit.

If you’re looking for a cooler option for warmer days, workouts, or indoor activities, we would recommend combining our men’s Elite t-shirt in black (which comes in multiple colours) with our Enigma black fleece pant. While the men’s t-shirt is made with a simple design and standard fit, the fleece pant offers a soft fabric and elasticated waist for an all-round relaxed and casual feel.

If you want to add a touch of formality to your everyday athleisure wear, the men’s graphite Pique polo can help elevate your outfit while maintaining an effortlessly soft and textured feel. For a simple look that meets recent popular athleisure styles, pair this with the men’s Focus tech pant, which are purposefully made to allow you to move freely and offer enhanced ventilation.

Athleisure wear at Avec Sport

Whether you’re having a relaxed day in the house or you’re heading to a sporting event, the range of athleisure wear provides a versatile solution that allows you to save time by not having to change into a separate outfit for every occasion. Shop hoodies, tops, trousers and more from the men’s and women’s leisurewear collections and build a comfortable and functional wardrobe.