Start Of Summer 2023


The first day of summer, known as the summer solstice, is a celestial event that marks the beginning of this cherished season. Falling around June 20th to June 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere, and December 20th to December 23rd in the Southern Hemisphere, it is a time of longer days, shorter nights, and an abundance of light. The summer solstice carries cultural significance worldwide, serving as a reminder of the cyclic nature of life and the warmth that the sun brings. So, whether you’re planning to bask in the sunshine or partake in seasonal festivities, take a moment to appreciate the celestial phenomenon that ushers in the magic of summer.

When is the first day of summer? Details on 2023 sunshine season

Summer is almost here, and it’s going to be a hot one in El Paso.

From splash-filled pool parties to mouthwatering barbecues, El Pasoans are ready to embrace the sweltering days with icy margaritas and ice cream galore.

The longest day of the year in 2023 will be June 21, the first day of summer. This day is known as the “longest” because it sees the most hours of sunlight that year. Conversely, the winter solstice sees the fewest hours of daylight and is the shortest day of the year.

Whether exploring the breathtaking Franklin Mountains or indulging in a tasty street taco, summer in El Paso promises a colorful escape from the ordinary. So get ready to soak up the sun and let the good times roll.

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When is the first day of summer?

In 2023, the first day of summer is Wednesday, June 21. The first day of summer is also known as the summer solstice, and it will arrive in the Northern Hemisphere at exactly 8:58 a.m. MST.

What are the summer months?

Summer will last from the end of June to the end of September when the autumnal equinox ushers in fall.

Important dates to know in 2023:

  • First day of spring: March 20, 2023
  • First day of summer: June 21, 2023
  • First day of fall: Sept. 23, 2023
  • First day of winter: Dec. 21, 2023

What is the summer solstice?

The summer solstice occurs when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

Even though we colloquially designate a summer and winter solstice, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres experience the opposite seasons at different times of the year during the two solstices – one in June and one in December. During the summer solstice, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun and experiences the maximum intensity of its rays.