Road Tripping With Your Kids & Spouse !

10 Reasons to Take the Kids on Family Road Trips

Benefits of road tripping with kids By Josephine Levin

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Family road trips has many perks!Family road trips has many perks! (Flickr: Zach Dischner)

Road trips, especially during the summertime when the kids are out of school and it seems we have all the time in the world, are more than just a fun way of traveling with family and friends. It has its family-friendly benefits too, which is why it is many families favorite mode of travel.

Here are some reasons why we think being on the road with the kids is nothing short of awesome!


1. Road trips are a great family-friendly way to spend time together and bond with the kids. Here is a wonderful opportunity to show the kids all the exciting things along the way, have sing-a-longs that make the time go faster and play interactive games. If your trip is in the spring, this will be a great way to point out various fruit trees in blossom as well as wildflowers.

2. Road trips can be cheaper than flying, depending on the destination and if you have a gas-saving car and know the tips and proper driving techniques for saving money on gas. It might be worthwhile to rent a gas-saving car than to drive your own, which save your own car from the wear and tear of a long road trip.

3. You don’t have the added stress of having to get yourself and the kids to the departing flight or train on time. With small kids, countless things can occur at the last minute just when you have to leave for the airport! When driving, you can leave at your leisure. You also will not have the bother of lining up at the airport to go through security with the kids, not to mention having to run after them in a crowded airport while waiting to board a flight.