Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have a penchant for investing in the food business.

Over the last few years, Chopra has not only opened a NYC-based restaurant (Sona), but invested in InnerChef and Olipop while Jonas has invested in SauceySnackpassMagic Spoon, and more. before founding Rob’s Backstage Popcorn with his bandmate brothers in 2021.

“For me, Rob’s is rooted deeply with the band and even traces back to our New Jersey start,” says Jonas.

He first tried the popcorn at the home of Rob Garbowsky, the dad of the Jonas Brothers’ former bassist (and current member of our management team) Greg Garbowsky, after a show.

“I knew I had to convince them to bring this popcorn on tour with us and after years of Rob bringing it backstage for our friends and family to eat, we began to tweak the recipe and bring it to life with brand incubator, The Naked Market,” he says.

“Now, we’re in over 8,000 stores just a year and a half later, which is a testament to the truly unique flavor Rob created!”

While on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2019, Chopra also became an instant fan.

“Rob would show up with huge trash bags filled with the popcorn he made, and before the end of the night they were gone. We couldn’t get enough!” she says.

“Watching Nick grow this brand over the past couple of years has been beautiful as he works on it with such passion—and I’m so excited to have been able to join the family business not just as an investor but also as a collaborator!”