My Family Has Fallen To Nike Marketing

My Family Has Fallen To Nike Marketing

Nike is an American icon.  They are a company that is engaged in the design, manufacturing, worldwide marketing, and selling of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services.  Nike produces a wide range of sports apparel and their first product was a running shoe.  Nike is now the largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel in America, due to their quality and in no small part due to heavy marketing.

And yes, my family has fallen to Nike marketing!

Is Nike All About Marketing Or Quality?  The marketing department has done their job well over the years as the brand is loved in my household, especially by my kids.  My older child will always wear the Nike logo, when possible.  Thanks to Nike marketing, he has now started to customize his own shoes, such as the colors, etc. on their website.  Beyond the hype though, Nike does make good quality products.  For instance, my older child needs extra arch support for his feet and Nike shoes help his arch support as he say’s they feel good on his feet.  We also own other Nike apparel:  My husband  recently just did it and bought a white Golf Shirt from a Nike outlet store.  The shirt has been of great value (which makes him happy) as it was just $50.00.  He wears it to his office (looks professional), to the kids sporting events (sporty and casual), and also with a blazer to go out for dinner ( dressy)!!!  Nike is sold in most department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Kohls, Sports authority, Sports Chalet, and Dick’s Sporting Goods,  They also have their own exclusive Niketown Stores and Outlets locations.  Nike products can also be found in discount stores such as Ross, and Marshalls.

By now, everyone is familiar with Nike.  Even my orthopedic surgeon that performed surgery on my ankle has carved the just do it sign on my ankle.  I’m okay to live with that scar because it reminds me to get up every morning and just do it:)!!!!