Michael B. Jordan Takes Us Through His Day

For Research Purposes: Michael B. Jordan Walks Us Through A Day In His Life

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Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence

Michael B. Jordan Takes Us On A Trip Through A Day In His Life

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly what Michael B. Jordan does with his every waking moment, today is your lucky day. The Black Panther and Creed star sat down with Vanity Fair to break down just how he spends his 24 hours, even down to answering his overflowing inbox of text messages.

Whether you’re looking to better organize your own life or you want to know MBJ’s life as closely as possible so you can have something to talk about if you ever bump into him on the street, one thing is for certain–hearing everything this man accomplishes over the span of just one day will make most of us feel like we need to be more productive.

The actor starts his day by waking up at 5am, which already lets you know how productive the rest of his day is going to be. He also mentions that he generally sleeps around 4 hours a night.

Jordan gives himself some time in the morning to hit snooze for a couple minutes, then starts off the day by taking a shower and getting in some meditation.

After that, Michael is eating breakfast by 7am, and describes his ideal meal as one that consists of hashbrowns, breakfast tomatoes, home fries, turkey sausage, cheese grits, an english muffin, a bacon-egg-and-cheese croissant, and possibly some pancakes…yeah, this man is eating BREAKFAST breakfast.

It’s probably no surprise that after breakfast, Jordan heads to the gym…and then showers all over again.

Next, he’s dressed and out the door to talk a walk and getting something for lunch around 2pm. After that, he carves out some time to answer his almost 300 unread text messages.

He follows this up with another workout then filling his time with some reading, video game playing, or other “break” activities. The actor gets his dinner in at 6pm before rounding out the night relaxing and spending some time with himself.

Here all of that and more from Michael himself in his video with Vanity Fair below.