Lunya PJ’s Help You Sleep Better?

Do Lunya Pajamas Help You Sleep Better? This Sleepwear Is FDA Regulated & Here’s Why

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. I’ve gone to great lengths to sleep better. I’m talking essential oils, lotions, and shutting down screens an hour before bed. Nothing was fool-proof — until I found these pajamas. Lunya creates sleepwear that is FDA tested to help you sleep. I tested them out for a week and couldn’t believe how much of a difference the clothing made.

According to the brand, the fabric is made of Celliant fibers that absorbs and coverts body heat into infrared energy. It then reflects the energy back into the body to help you sleep better and more comfortably while increasing your energy and helping you recover from workouts. Basically, it recharges your body just like you do your phone every night.

“The clothing you wear to bed has a huge impact on how you sleep – just think about how disruptive it is to be awoken by a twisted spaghetti strap, pants that are riding up, or fabrics that don’t breathe,” Ashley Merrill, founder of Lunya, tells Bustle.

As crazy as this sounds, Lunya’s pajamas really do work. After about a week of rough sleeps, dealing with the time change, and long nights, I was excited to try the sleepwear out. I didn’t change anything about my sleep routine excpet for wearing the pajamas, and I genuinely got a better sleep than I had been getting before. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

Courtesy Lunya

The fabric was first approved by the FDA in 2017, according to PR Newswire. Since then, it’s been used in workout gear and even sheets, but this is the first time that a brand is using it in pajamas to help people sleep. Lunya is already known for its luxury sleepwear made from sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, but this is an entirely new level of sleepwear.

“As women we understand these everyday problems, and Lunya was launched to make women feel comfortably confident with thoughtful smart design and quality fabrics,” says Merrill. “With our Restore collection’s new FDA regulated technology, we are taking another exciting step in helping women improve their sleep. Our goal with this collection is to enable women to wake up feeling reinvigorated by a restful night’s sleep.”

This sleepwear does what it says it will do. Not only did I sleep through the night and feel better in the morning, but I fell asleep faster. The clothing is comfortable, doesn’t have tags, and stays in place all night.

You can shop all the styles on the Lunya website right now. The brand created a pair of shorts, crewneck, tank top, and sleep dress in gray and navy blue. The price ranges from $62 to $188, and it’s worth every single penny.

Courtesy Lunya