Kelli Calabrese Is A Public Figure

Kelli   a pubic figure and is also in Beyond Organic member and was in  the meetings. She is a lovely person. and she is beautiful woman and mentor for health and wellness expert but has she become a psychologist and along with a weight loss expert. As A weight loss expert you do learn psychology and apply psychology on your clients, as thats how clients lose their weight and stay motivated.


Kelli is an author, international speaker, consultant and coach specializing in women’s wellness, fitness boot camps, longevity and life management. … She has captivated and empowered the lives of tens of thousands of people and inspired them to become their best. Created a community for women who prosper. I think she became a psychologist….Her advice is look for healthy friends and don’t isolate yourself. ( That is a nice advice).

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Live Intentionally Fabulous From The Inside Out with Kelli Calabrese

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    After her excruciatingly painful divorce, Kelli Calabrese was left filled with anxiety and in a constant state of depression.

    She went looking for help but she could seem to find what she was looking for. She finally decided that the pain had to stop and went on a journey to learn how to heal.

    The result? Kelli went from being constantly fearful and feeling empty to a place of joy, freedom, and peace.

    She got certified as a Divorce Coach to help other women get through any stages of separation and divorce, and go from fearful to fearlessly pursuing what sets their soul on fire.

    Today, Kelli Calabrese is a health, fitness, lifestyle, and divorce coach.  She has owned and operated health clubs, has 3 Amazon best selling books, has appeared on all of the major networks as a fitness and nutrition expert, is an executive with a nutrition company, and is the founder of Intentionally Fabulous, a community that helps women heal and live an amazing bonus life.

    In this episode of the Fall In Love with Fitness podcast, Kelli and I discuss her background in health and fitness and why her marriage fell apart after so many years, that the healing process really does begin with learning to love yourself, and how Kelli is helping women all around the world grow, heal, and thrive.


    What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

    • The first step to true self improvement
    • Why you need to be independently complete
    • Why so many women struggle with self love
    • And much more!


    “The number one thing that everybody wants is unconditional love. Kelli Calabrese


    Topics Covered:

    00:00 – Intro to Kelli

    01:45 – Empowering women after divorce

    04:45 – Being blindsided

    07:16 – Growing together and apart

    08:59 – A much needed sabbatical

    12:05 – The first step to true improvement

    16:30 – React or respond

    21:08 – Care for yourself first

    24:35 – How do you find your hope

    27:55 – Courage to be vulnerable

    31:40 – Change the way you think

    34:00 – Purpose

    38:08 – You need support from others

    42:50 – Abolishing limiting beliefs

    45:20 – Learn how to be independently complete

    48:55 – Let love win

    50:08 – Connect with Kelli


    Key Takeaways:

    “Self love, self care, self esteem, it needs to start with us [women] building it ourselves.”  –Kelli Calabrese

    “I’m shocked at how many women can’t come up with 10 things that they love about themselves, so I’ll say to them even just think of one thing about your health, one thing about family, one thing about relationships. Do you love your smile? Do you love your hair? And then start to receive these things and let it wash over you.”  – Kelli Calabrese


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