Jennifer Aniston Workouts Pvolve

Jennifer Aniston embraces the low-impact revolution with Pvolve, it’s clear that she has found a fitness method that aligns with her evolving needs and priorities. Her journey serves as an inspiration for others to explore different exercise options and find what truly works for them, fostering a sustainable and enjoyable approach to lifelong fitness.

Jennifer Aniston Joins Pvolve: Interview

Jennifer Aniston Swapped “Aggressive” Workouts For This Low-Impact Method — and She’s Hooked

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Minutes into my first conversation with Jennifer Aniston, she complimented my hair — which I still can’t quite believe. (She really is that nice.) What I can believe, however, is that she really, really loves Pvolve.

Aniston is such a believer in the Pvolve workouts that she not only gifted it to her entire inner circle this past holiday season, but she’s also officially joined the brand, a low-impact functional fitness method that falls somewhere in between Pilates and straight-up strength training. She’s partnering with the “extraordinary group of women at Pvolve” (her words) to help create awareness around the brand, make it more accessible, and spread the magic of the method — and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to work. (Heck, she hooked me before we got 10 minutes into our Zoom call.)

Aniston first started working out with Pvolve in 2021. It was more than a year into the COVID pandemic, and a moment when “the mood was not great . . . we weren’t taking care of ourselves,” Aniston admits. So when she reunited with a friend who was looking particularly incredible, Aniston took notice. “She showed up one day and her whole body had transformed, and I couldn’t believe it — and I’ve known her for over 20 years,” Aniston says. “Her energy level, her mood, her everything was just [transformed].”