Is Cheese Healthy ?

Cheese is good for you.  

Is Cheese Healthy?

Good News: Cheese Is Healthier Than You Might Think, Dietitian Says

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Cheese is the ultimate savory comfort food, yet there’s lots of debate over whether everyone’s favorite dairy product is actually considered “healthy.”Fortunately, studies show that cheese does boast some health benefits. For example, fermented cheese contains probiotics, which are healthy gut bacteria that can improve your digestion and immunity. Of course the benefits depend on the types of cheese you consume, with cottage cheese containing 15 to 20 grams of protein compared to cheddar which typically has five to seven grams per serving.

Ultimately, cheese is fairly nutritious, says Anna Kippen, MS, RDN, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Wellness, especially in smaller serving sizes. In fact, it’s considered one of the most nutrient-dense snacks out there because it’s rich in minerals, fats, and calcium. Most cheeses are also a keto-friendly treat because it’s a low-carb snack that you can eat by itself or use as a topping.

It’s all about balance, though. Cheese is high in saturated fat and sodium, so it shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities. We’ve got the tips and advice you need to make cheese a part of your healthy diet, so grab a slice and read on.

— Additional reporting by Melanie Whyte

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