Healthy Snacks by Jeff Cavalier On AthleanX

Written by Kanwal

It is often difficult to find a snack guide that is both healthy AND easy. With these snacks that Athlean X recommends you get both healthy and easy to make snacks. They are all very easy and inexpensive to purchase and you can from buy from just about any store or any country such as air popped popcorn, dried apricots,  and slices of green/red/banana pepper dipped in some Hummus or any sort of “kind of” healthy dip that you like. Spinach-Artichoke dip works quiet well. And desserts such as greek yogurt .

As a parent of a college student I like this guide because of how easy it is and its affordability. It is very nice that I do not need to make all of his snacks and that he is able to get his own snacks. He even enticed my son to actually to start eating the foods that he normally does not eat as he is a picky eater. So far I recommend his eating plan for teenage kids because it is all natural, often snack guide contain processed foods or you are forced into buying expensive and hard to make foods.

In this video Athlean X shows his recommended snacks. Please enjoy!