Healthy Eating Is A Form Of Respect

Eating Healthy is a Form of Self-Respect

According to Google, having self-respect is having pride and confidence in yourself and feeling that you are behaving with honour and dignity. So how does having healthy eating habits fall into the definition of self-respect?. Before we can accurately answer this question, we must first address what healthy eating is.

The term “healthy eating” is often wrongfully associated with a form of a special “diet”. The “diet” might require a person to remove a specific food group or reduce their calorie intake with the hope of cutting a few inches from their waistline. Whereas some “diets” enable a healthier eating habit, they do not embody the whole concept of a healthy eating lifestyle.

The pressure to look a certain way especially with the popularity of social media has no doubt put a lot of pressure on us to fit into a certain aesthetic. This unrealistic standard is indeed damaging but so is the new school of thought that you can “be you”, eat what you want and just love the skin you are in.

A healthy lifestyle involves consciously making decisions to put what is good for you in your body. The motive is not to lose weight as quickly as possible but because you want to treat your body with love and respect; a trim waistline will be the by-product of this love.

In essence, the idea of eating healthy as a form of self respect comes from the motive behind the healthier “diet” you choose to embark on. Your body is a temple: it’s true, it can’t easily be replaced and you deserve the best. Now we all have weaknesses and treats but try and make them the best quality you can afford. Seeing healthy eating as a form of self-respect will give you a positive attitude towards food and your body.