Google Celebrates Teachers This Week

Google Doodle spotlights ‘classroom heroes’ for Teacher Appreciation Week

Remember to thank a teacher today.

Google is celebrating teachers this Monday. If you check out the search engine’s page, you’ll see a crayon-style Google Doodlesurrounded by pencils, protractors, apples, puzzle pieces and other school-related images.

“Today’s Doodle was created in partnership with the 57 2019 US State Teachers of the Year who visited Google in January for their first group meeting and explores the theme ‘A day in the life of a teacher,'” Google said in a blog post.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Google said it’s making one its largest teacher-focused grants — a $5 million grant that will unlock $10 million for teachers through For every dollar that’s donated to the nonprofit, Google will add 50 cents, from Monday to Tuesday, up to $1.5 million total.

Rodney Robinson, 2019 National Teacher of the Year, created the doodle.

“Google’s homepage today is a tribute to teachers, and I feel proud to see the contribution I made — alongside my 56 fellow State Teachers of the Year — up there for everyone to see,” Robinson said in a blog post.

Teacher Appreciation Week was trending on Twitter Monday morning as thousands took to social media to celebrate educators.

Even with that sort of recognition, teachers often find themselves in a tough situation, living on modest salaries while expected to run classrooms with a lack of resources and left to purchase supplies out of pocket. Over the last year, those working conditions have led to walkouts, sickouts and strikes.

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