Tyler’s Golf Le Fleur Collection

Photo: Instagram/Golf Le Fleur
COVER Photo: Instagram/Golf Le Fleur

From skate rat to posh fashion, Tyler the Creator’s style has certainly evolved over the years. Venturing into luxury fashion, the rapper’s new Golf Le Fleur collection consists of Italian made clothing pieces and handcrafted luxury trunks

Situated on the peak of a mountain in the hills of Malibu, sits a cinematic pastel blue house. Festooned with the iconic Golf Le Fleur flowers, the set is a life size recreation of American rapper Tyler the Creator’s new music video. The set was constructed in December for the unveiling of the highly esteemed musician’s new clothing line.

The recently launched clothing line, Golf Le Fleur, is the musician’s attempt to steer away from streetwear. The clothing line consists of mohair cardigans, handcrafted trunks, aromatic fragrances and many other luxurious items. The pieces, all of which are on the highest end, are simply a treat for the senses.

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Photo: Golf Le Fleur
ABOVE Photo: Golf Le Fleur

One of the most iconic pieces in this novel collection, The Globetrotter trunk, was made in collaboration with the The Globetrotter, a luggage, suitcase and accessory brand. The British luxury brand, established in 1897, is well known for its handcrafted trunks of high quality.

Sporting multi-coloured straps, an embossed top handle and a detachable leather strap, the large carry-on travel trunk is an intricately crafted masterpiece.

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