Bumps Banished With The Right Bra

9 Smoothing Bras to Prevent Back Bulge

Bumps are banished with the right bra style.

One of the biggest complaints from bra wearers is back bulge. Otherwise known as overhang, back fat, or back rolls, it’s a common issue. In fact, it’s practically unavoidable. Bra bands are made of elastic, and they must fit nice and snug, hugging the body, to offer the best support. And since bodies are made of flesh—not steal or metal—it’s completely normal to have some bulges.

Never sacrifice a good fit to avoid back fat. You might think that going up one band size to give your body more room is the answer. But in fact, if your band is too loose, it will simply ride up your back and could cause a bulge somewhere else. Not only is that less attractive under a shirt, it will also eliminate support, which will cause your bust to sag in the front. The key, then, if you want a smoother look ​on the back, is to find a bra that uses materials and designs that smooth your body. Most likely, that means a seamless edge, wide back wings, a deeper back and sides, a leotard-shaped back, and a consistent material across the back, as opposed to a top and bottom edge made of thick elastic. These design elements, along with a great fit, can lead to a smoother look.

Soma’s Vanishing Back

Soma Vanishing Back Bra

The Soma Vanishing Back bra collection is a popular go-to for those looking for a bra with a smoothing back. According to Soma, the “contour underwire cups are undetectable under clothing.” But the front is just the start. The smooth back band is where it gets really interesting. Soma uses “patent-pending zone technology with knit-in flex zones for targeted smoothing,” which maintains its shape, even after many washings, thanks to improved fabric stretch. Sounds impressive, right? It gets better! The band—both on the sides and the back—has a totally smooth, seamless edge. No wonder it’s popular.

In fact, there are several options available. They include front closure, full coverage, and wire-free styles. Plus, two come in an all-over lace design. Choose from a variety of colors, prints, and fun patterns.  More »

Leading Lady

Leading Lady back smoothing bra
Bare Necessities

The Leading Lady: Luxe Body Backsmooth Wire-Free T-Shirt Bra is a comfortable, seamless wire-free bra that is “designed to fit and flatter fuller figures.” The cups are soft and foam-lined, and reinforced side boning helps keep this bra anchored to the body. And the real standout of the design is the seamless back wings, which help smooth and eliminate back bulge. The wide and very soft five-column, three-row hook-and-eye back closure also helps the back band lay flat and seamless, along with fitting perfectly.More »


Glamorise Wonderwire bra
Bare Necessities

The Glamorise Wonderwire Front Closure Bra is one of a few bra styles that uses a front closure to get a smooth back. But what sets this bra apart is the Wonderwire design, which has a hidden cushioned comfort band. That band prevents the underwire from ever touching the body and eliminates back bulge with wide, smoothing back wings. In addition to a smoothing back, this bra also has supportive cups that feature inner sling construction. Designed specifically for D to G cup sizes, it’s a great back smoothing bra for a full-busted woman. Don’t miss the cute polka dot style. It’s supportive, smoothing, and sweet. More »

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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair strapless
Vanity Fair/HerRoom

Vanity Fair makes a variety of back-smoothing styles, including a strapless bra. Vanity Fair’s  Beauty Back Full Figure Strapless Bra features seamless contour cups (a must-have for any strapless bra), along with tall sides and a wide back to ensure a smooth look. It’s an innovative design that will give you a great look under strapless dresses. Plus, strapless bras can be worn in a variety of ways. Use the straps to wear this bra as a halter or racerback or wear it with decorative straps for a fashion-forward look.  More »


Bali bra

Ever notice how smooth back bras tend to be … a little boring? How about some detail, some lace, or maybe a little something fun? Try the Bali Lace Desire Back Smoothing Underwire Bra on and see how you like it. The U-back design has a smoothing effect and decorative lace detail. The lace can be found again on the front, where it graces the cups. A small bow and gem make this smoothing bra beautiful and basic. And for petites or those with a short waist, you’ll love the fully adjustable bra straps. Use the slide adjuster to find the perfect fit.  More »


Goddess bra

Fuller-figured and need a great back smoothing bra? You’ll love the Goddess Yvette Banded Underwire Back Smoothing Bra. This bra is available for band sizes 36 to 52, an impressive range for any bra style, and especially one with a smoothing back band. What makes the band of this bra so smooth is the tall wings in the back, which hug the body instead of digging in. A nice bonus: the floral lace. It’s decorative but still smooth, making this bra an ideal combination of pretty and practical.

Other great features: the main part of the cup is seamless for an invisible look under tight or sheer clothing. And inside, there’s an angled side support panel in each cup, which shapes the breasts forward instead of side to side. And the cup edge is two-ply lace over mesh that stretches to stay flush with your bust while offering containment and coverage.

Some band sizes offer up to a J cup, which makes this bra ideal for full figures. More »

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The  Warner’s No Side Effects Full Coverage Bra, available at Amazon, can also be found at major department stores like Kohl’s. It might be known for its unique seamless edge under the armpit, which smooths and eliminates “sleevage.” But don’t forget about its smoothing back. Made with elastic-free material, it’s practically invisible under clothing. If you’re going for a truly invisible look, try it in a neutral or skin-tone color. Or if you are looking for some edge, go for one of the many exciting colors, patterns, or prints. It’s a great basic bra to wear under just about any outfit, at a great price.


Spanx Bra

Finding a great, back smoothing bra with a racerback can be difficult. That’s why the Spanx Bra-llelujah is a favorite. It’s available on Amazon in both a racerback or regular back style. It’s a front closure design with a super smooth, stretchy back band that practically evaporates under tight clothes and clingy tops. No more lumps or bumps. And, as with any racerback style, it keeps straps from slipping and hides them from view with racerback tops. The added bonus here is that the straps are seamlessly attached to the band and are made of the same smooth, thick material for a truly invisible look.

The stretchy material can flex to fit your body’s unique shape. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this bra has little adjustability, with non-adjustable straps, and only one closure clasp. That means you can’t customize for a very secure fit. More »

Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture bra
Curvy Couture/Bare Necessities

The Curvy Couture Flawless  Lace Side Smoother Bra truly is flawless. This unlined bra has beautiful double-layer underwire lace cups that lay flat under your clothes, especially since the extra material under the arm encapsulates any spillage. That smooth and sleek look continues to the smoothing back wings, which prevent back bulge.

And since this company is committed to creating innovative lingerie and bra designs for full busts, you know it will be supportive. In fact, this beautiful design is made for D to H cup sizes. And don’t forget, it’s gorgeous, too.  More »