Black History Month Famous Hairstylists 2019!

25 Black Celebrity Hairstylists Who Are Making Major Waves in the Industry

It’s not just hair. Hair is history, symbolism, representation, culture, a form of expression, and a conversation starter. It goes beyond the surface of superficiality when you look at the real roots of what hair is and all that it encompasses. In today’s age, hair has revolutionized into a powerful form of pride that are seen in movies, advertisements, and mainstream media more than ever before.

You can thank celebrity hairstylists for pushing the conversation forward when it comes to hair—particularly hairstylists of color who never turn down an opportunity to showcase black hair in all its glory. Society’s in a new age of hair where it is worn as an act of resistance in many cases. These 25 black hairstylists have created groundbreaking looks that go down in history. Because of them, young brown children who are on a journey to embracing their hair will have all the inspiration they need.