November Is Native American Heritage Month 2022

November 2022
November 2022: Native American Heritage Month. 
Every year, by statute and/or presidential proclamation, the month of November is recognized as National Native American Heritage Month. In 1907 both Charles Curtis of Kansas and Robert Owen of Oklahoma were senators of Native American descent.
  1. Honor Native American Code Talkers. …
  2. Take a trip to Mesa Verde National Park. …
  3. Dive into contemporary Indigenous art. …
  4. Learn about the stories behind contempora\
  5. Tavel to Mexico to learn about Totonac Spiritual Cuisine. …
  6. Meet the women from the Kayapó tribe
  7. 7. Discover the history of the Cherokee Phoenix
  8. 8. Celebrate Native American women
  9. 9. Honor successes in self-governance
  10. Explore enduring symbols of Indigenous values