National Insurance Awareness Day 2024

There’s something that most people don’t talk about, don’t think about, and when the end comes it snaps right around and hits them square in the face. Their homes and cars remain unprotected, and there’s nothing to save them when the hammers come down.

National Insurance Awareness Day reminds you that taking the time to talk to an insurance agent and get a policy on your life, car, or home can save you and your family at the worst times the future holds.

Learn about National Insurance Awareness Day

National Insurance Awareness Day has been created in order to encourage people to go over their insurance plan on this day. Insurance offers security in many different situations. It can recover losses and protect loved ones in the event of death, illness, or damage.

While it offers protection, the value of the items and properties we have can appreciate over time and our situations can change. An insurance policy that offered you excellent protection give years ago may not offer such great protection today. This is why it is important for people to review their insurance plans on a periodic basis.

The trouble is that it is very easy to forget about this. After all, there are so many other things to think about! That’s why National Insurance Awareness Day was created; to ensure that people are reminded to go over their insurance plans on this date. It also presents a great opportunity for people to learn about insurance in general and the different policies that are available.

History of National Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance is an incredibly interesting topic, especially when you realize just how old this form of protection really is. We had thought it wasn’t any older than a couple of hundred years, but we couldn’t be more wrong. It actually has a history stretching back far into the past, with the earliest known versions of it being found in 3000-2000 BC.

Insurance has been around so long it’s even found inscribed on the Code of Hammurabi, the first written laws. Imagine that! It even predated what was considered the official foundation of law, that’s some history.

Insurance, as we think of it in the modern age, came into existence sometime around the Great Fire of London, where the devastation that took place brought about the idea of property insurance. While insurance had up to this point had been considered some kind of convenience, it was now clear to the inhabitants of London that insurance was something that could protect a family fortune, and indeed an entire estate in the event of a disaster.

From there sprang all the forms of insurance we know today, including underwriting ventures in the event of failure (common in the age of sailing ships and questionable seas), to car insurance and life insurance. National Insurance Awareness Day celebrates the history and necessity of this fantastic invention, and encourages people to understand the important role it can play in their lives.

How to celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day

The best way to celebrate the auspicious National Insurance Awareness Day is to get in and talk to an insurance agent that can discuss all the various types of insurance that can protect you and your family. Car insurance ensures that when your vehicle gets crumpled in a wreck, it can easily put you back on the road and able to get to work.

Supplemental insurance (like the one advertised by that duck) makes sure that injuries and the like are covered, and home insurance protects you (even if you rent) from the damages of fire and accident. These are just the tip of the iceberg!

In fact, there are so many different insurance policies available today that it can be a little bit overwhelming. That’s half of the problem! For example, did you know that a company based in London has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction policies throughout Europe? In order to make a claim, you need to prove the presence of an alien in your vicinity.

There are many celebrities and famous people who have insured parts of their bodies as well. For example, Julia Roberts insured her smile for $30 million! You can have a lot of fun reading about all of the crazy insurance policies that have been taken out over the years, so if you’re looking for something to do on National Insurance Awareness Day, you can do a bit of digging online for some weird and wonderful stories.

Of course, the point that we were making is that there are just so many different types of insurance plans, and you’re not going to need them all. That’s why speaking with an expert is important. You can understand what sort of insurance you need for your situation. Speak to someone who is unbiased and is not going to try and sway you in the direction of a specific product.

If you already have all of the insurance plans that you need, make sure you still set a bit of time aside to review your insurance policies on National Insurance Awareness Day. You will need to make sure that your plans still provide you with the right level of coverage. It may be that you need to make a few tweaks to your policy.

It is also a good idea to use National Insurance Awareness Day to raise awareness. While you may have all of your insurance policies nailed down, your loved ones may be unprotected. So, why not share some information on social media with your friends, family, and followers to make sure that they are aware of the importance of insurance and having the right policies in place?

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