Hanksception:Tom Hanks The Fashion Trendsetter

Tom Hanks Tied His Shirt in the Front, So Now

It’s Cool to Tie Your Shirt in the Front

As of today, the “S” in David S. Pumpkins stands for Style.



Until about three hours ago, I never considered Tom Hanks a style icon. But here we are, on the 63rd anniversary of his birth, and with the click of a few buttons on Rita Wilson’s phone, everyone’s favorite Hollywood actor/best friend Tom Hanks broke new ground in celebrity style.

In honor of his big day, Wilson, his loving wife, posted a photo of him in the yard, billowing board shorts intact, a smile and some wayfarers on his face, and a dad cap in hand. In this photo, Tom Hanks looks as if he’s looking at this exact photo of Tom Hanks.

But Hanksception aside, the actor who’ll soon depict style icon Mister Rogers on the silver screen became a style icon in his own right by tying the ends of his white button down in the front. With all the context you can gain from looking at a photograph, there’s no functional reason for him to be doing so. Thus, this is Fashion. Thus, we can do the same.

Okay, it’s not abuzz, there’s just the one Tweet I found just now. But we here at Esquire delightfully approve of the practice. I’m with Mr. Finger here. I feel empowered to tie my button-down shirt up with no functional need to do so. And you should, too. We’ll call it Hanksing.

You, and me, and Mr. Finger may not be received in the same manner as Mr. Hanks is. It sure is hard to make board shorts work in the year of our lord 2019. But dammit, if Tom Hanks isn’t the guy who can wear them and be praised for his style otherwise.

Go forth and enjoy the rest of your summer, my friends. I wish you the happiest of Hanksing at your next warm-weather function.

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