The Cost Of Being Like Mike

A 12 year old boy and his athletic shoes

My younger son recently bought a pair of Jordan Concord 11’s.  It took him 2 months of research &  to find a reputable  reseller  because there are a lot of  nock off’s out there. His friends have Micheal Jordan’s shoes to be like his friends. Our motive was to allow him to buy these if he worked hard in school. But buying the Jordan Concord 11’s was a hard purchase for us even though he was using his own money that he earned by  doing chores,birthday and christmas money. It was better spent on good shoes than on other things that 12-year-old boys like and these are good shoes and will keep feet and ankle protected, hopefully.

gallery of shoesAir-Jordan-11-Concord





Michael Jordan The Brand

His reasoning was that he admired Michael Jordan as an athlete and somehow my son felt by buying his shoe he would have a connection to him and hopefully one day could play as well as one of his idol basketball players.  These shoes are hard to find and are extremely  expensive.  Sporting good stores don’t carry them and if they do get them based on a conversation I had with a manager at Niketown, San Francisco, they sell out within the hour.   Long story short we ended up purchasing a pair from eBay and 2 sizes bigger than what his size is now!


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