What You Need To Know About In-Shape Health Clubs

What You Need To Know About In-Shape Health Clubs

In the United States we are fortunate to have so many fitness gyms.  So, the question is – “There are so many gyms which one do I join?”.  If you live in California, one option is  In-Shape Health Clubs, which are large clubs that offer many amenities.  They are headquartered in Stockton, California and they have 72 locations in California.

What You Can Expect

The clubs are fairly large and consist of plenty of new and working cardio equipment.  There is plenty of space where you can do TRX training, use free weights, and kettlebells for anyone that doesn’t want to sit on a machine.  At some locations, such as the gym in Clayton CA, the In-Shape gym has a 30 minute circuit area, full Basketball court (with pick up games), racquetball courts, an outdoor swimming pool for those people who love to swim, and an upgraded spa area.  The company does a good job of staffing knowledgeable personal trainers to help you to achieve fitness goals.  If 1 on 1 personal training is not for you then perhaps their group exercise classes, which are free to its members with instructors that have high energy, is more of your speed.  The club also has slow and intermediate classes.  An added bonus is that the gym provides a small mini-bar that sells vitamins, protein powders, water bottles & energy drinks at a reasonable price for its members.

My Take

I am fortunate to have been a Personal Trainer employee of the Clayton In-Shape and then several years later, a member of the same club along with my husband and kids; my family and friends have also enjoyed their facilities.  As members, we were usually greeted by a welcoming team of employees as we entered and exited the facility.  The facility is clean, which includes clean bathrooms and lockers (this is important to me).  As a whole, the gym is good however there’s nothing special to separate In -Shape from all the other larger gyms such as 24 Hour Fitness.  Overall, In -Shape is equivalent to 24 hour Fitness.