Wear Your Spanx!

Jennifer Lopez Suffered An Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction While Dancing In A High-Slit Dress

JLo accidentally flashed her Spanx to the world while dancing in a short dress.


Jennifer Lopez suffered a pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while dancing in a dress with a high slit during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Per Metro, the singer and actress showed off a little more than she meant to while showing off her moves on the daytime talk show this week, accidentally flashing her nude-colored Spanx to the world under her short blue dress as she moved.

The site reported that Jennifer’s wardrobe malfunction went down after Jennifer stood up to show Ellen her dance moves while appearing on the show alongside co-stars Derek Hough, NeYo, and Jenna Dewan to promote the new season of their NBC dance competition series World of Dance.

As Lopez strut her stuff on the stage, her blue wrap dress revealed a little more than she was expecting, exposing her full Spanx shaping underwear to the world which stretched down over her thigh.

Though the moment was probably just a little embarrassing for JLo, there’s no doubting that the mom of two handled the wardrobe malfunction like a pro as she made a joke about showing off her Spanx to the world.

As reported by Daily Mail, Lopez shouted “Oh no, my Spanx!” as the audience cheered before she then readjusted her dress and her shapewear and carried on with her dance.

The star was actually imitating her World of Dance co-star and former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Derek while dancing on the daytime talk show, who then showed off his signature move which JLo didn’t quite perfect due to her tight wardrobe.

“If I didn’t have my legs showing I could have done it a little bit better,” Lopez teased, to which Ellen joked that she enjoyed watching Jennifer “adjust” her dress to hide her shapewear.

The clip of Jennifer dancing was then uploaded to Ellen’s official Instagram account alongside on May 2 the caption, “JLo looks amazing even when she’s fixing her Spanx.”

Jennifer Lopez shows off her spanx while dancing in a short dress
  Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Jennifer – who recently showed off her amazing abs on Instagram – hasn’t exactly been shy about her love for the shaping underwear in the past and has been spotted accidentally showing off the undergarment on a few occasions.

Radar Online even reported back in 2012 that JLo once accidentally flashed her Spanx through a sheer catsuit while performing.

But with or without a little help from the shaping undergarment, there’s certainly no doubting that Lopez has a pretty incredible body.

Two years ago in 2016, Jennifer showed off her amazing body and tight abs for a feature with HELLO! Magazine where she confessed that working out – and particularly dancing – is a necessity for her.

“I am 100 percent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy,” Lopez explained at the time of keeping in shape. “Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that’s so good for me is key to my happiness.”

“Working out is definitely a priority for me,” Jennifer added of her passion for fitness and dance.