Ways To Look Good When You Have Zero Money

24 Genius Tips For People Who Love Fashion But Are Broke AF

Ways to look like a million bucks when you have zero bucks.

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1. Bold accessories are a lazy (and affordable) way to bring your closet back to life.

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Get these earring in black for $13 at H&M.

Get more style inspiration from @dearmilano.

2. Use your makeup and hair to elevate your style game.

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Nothing makes a statement quite like a red lip and an eye-catching hair color. Great thing is, they’re fairly affordable to try! Get a red lipstick on Amazon for $3 and Manic Panic for $11.

Get more style inspiration from @margieplus.

3. Learn the art of creating high/low outfits.

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Mix and match your expensive pieces with much more affordable ones. This Mansur Gavriel bag ($600 from Net-A-Porter) is perfectly paired with a Forever 21 dress ($20).

Get more style inspiration from @chanelfiles.

4. Avoid clothes that needs to be tailored, because no matter how great the deal, adding the cost of tailoring will be $$$.

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Not everyone is a fit model. In fact, probably like only five people are. The rest of us have a range of body types and add to the wonderful diversity that makes up all people. And as great as that is, it can sometimes make finding clothes that fit a bit tricky. To avoid super-expensive tailors, try rolling up long (or short) jacket sleeves, cuffing your jeans, or layering pieces that are a bit too oversized. This can help in avoiding those tailoring costs and add a little dimension to your look.

Get more style inspiration from @mariaalia.

5. Or if you can’t avoid it, learn to tailor your own clothes.


Nothing drives up the cost of your favorite piece of clothing than the tailoring bill. But sometimes it’s totally necessary in order to make your clothes look polished and professional. So save some cash by learning how to tailor yourself. Get a full tutorial on how to hem your pants from WikiHow.

And check out Bespoke Post to see how to tailor a button-down shirt.

6. Buy pre-owned pieces at a fraction of the price.


Sites like Vestiaire Collective offer a large selection of pre-owned luxury and fashion pieces. You can even sell your own!

7. Keep your closet organized.

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You’d be surprised by all the wonders that lie within your own closet. Keeping your closet organized lets you see all the amazing pieces you already have.

Get all our tips to keeping your closet in tip-top shape here.

8. Wear your favorite piece in a million different ways.

@sanias / Via simplycovered.blogspot.com

Get creative with your clothes! Layer them up, change the color palette, or alternate accessories in order to completely change the look of that one piece you can’t get enough of.

Get more style inspiration from @sanias. And find a similar red jumpsuit at Forever 21 for $28 or this one from Misguided for $33.

9. Pay attention to fabric.

Andrea Fabry / It Takes Time / Via it-takes-time.com

Whether you buy a piece from Barneys or Forever 21, always pay attention to the garment’s material. It will determine the life span of the article and, more importantly, how you’ll have to care for it.

Learn more about fabric types and get homemade fabric softener recipes from It Takes Time.

10. On that note, learn how to take care of the clothes you have.


Nothing destroys a great piece of clothing like a stain that just won’t quit. Extend the life of your favorite pieces by learning all our tricks on how to care for them here.

11. DIY the looks you love — like embroidery — that are just too expensive to buy.


Get the full tutorial on how to embroider your own pieces and how to make this perfect wrap skirtfrom A Pair & A Spare.

12. Check out stores like Front Row ShopPixie Market, and Storets for on-trend fashions at affordable prices.


Get the blazer from Front Row Shop for $41, the top from Pixie Market for $52, and the shirt from Storets for $48.

13. If you’re going to spend money, invest in your shoes and handbags.


Your shoes and handbags will get more wear and tear just because you’ll likely wear them more often that your go-to blouse. So if you’re gonna spend your hard-earned money anywhere, it should be with higher-quality versions.

Get these at Nine West for $89.

Also available in black, gray, and tan.

14. Find inspiration from Olivia Pope or any of your favorite magazines, movies, and TV shows.


Get a similar coat from ASOS for $41 and get the rest of the look’s details at The Fancy Things.

15. Master the art of experimenting with patterns and prints.


Chances are, you already have a closet full of pieces in different prints and patterns. Master the art of pattern play to create fun new outfits using the pieces you already own.

Get more style inspiration from @historyinhighheels.