Article by Margaret Bonass Madden

I have never been one for eyebrow shaping. I had a whole gaggle of aunts who coloured in their brows with pencils (with varying results – from cartoon-like, to plain scary) and this may have traumatised me.

I have tried the plucking option (my pain threshold is dire, so this is not for me) and eyebrow waxing (left me feeling a bit tidier, but bare).

So, when I won a voucher for an eye-brow threading session, in a raffle, I was not expecting too much. I was wrong. This was literally an eye-opening experience and has resulted in my new obsession with my eyebrows.

Eyebrow Threading 2

I now have a regular appointment with Marie, proprietor of Marie Walsh Beauty, in Drogheda. Here is what you can expect from your threading treatment:

What’s the hype?

Based on an ancient Asian concept, threading is where a string of cotton thread is doubled and rolled along the hairs, removing unwanted strips (or individual hairs) from the root.

What’s involved?

As I am lying prone with my eyes closed, while having this done, I can’t tell you what this procedure actually looks like but can describe the feeling. It’s not too bad at all.

I would normally be a teary-eyed mess when getting brows plucked and have this very surreal leg-jerking reaction to the pain. Threading is more like a grainy feeling; you can feel the hair removal but not in an ‘Ow’ way.

I would normally be a teary-eyed mess when getting brows plucked.

The therapist will ask you to pull the skin around your brow in two opposite directions (obviously to get a tauter, workable surface) and this is something that brings out the giggles in me; every time.

I just cannot seem to get the message to my brain and Marie has to physically guide my hands and try to stop laughing at my ineptness.

How long does it take?

The whole process takes about twenty minutes and then you will be shown the results in a small hand mirror.

What’s the down time?

Take your time admiring your new beautiful brows and if you want any alterations, be vocal about it. The brow area will be red, but not anywhere near as illuminous as after plucking or waxing.

It also fades really quickly (about 40 minutes should see your face return to its former glory), so is ideal for a lunch-time treatment. The therapist applies cooling gel and you are good to go.

Is it worth it?

This procedure is my secret weapon. I have a fringe, so one would think that my brows are not a concern.

It’s true that my brows may not be on-show as much as without a fringe, but my hair has a tendency to shift (we do live in breezy Ireland, after all) and my brows can rescue the situation. They are like a frame for my face.

Most days I no longer have to worry about shaping or combing my eye-brows; I just look-and-go.

They are now things I am proud of; they show-off my peepers with a new brightness. Ok, having red hair means that I have non-bushy brows anyway, but now they are defined and (dare I tempt fate by saying this?) have appeared to have filled out more since I began threading treatments.

Most days I no longer have to worry about shaping or combing my eye-brows; I just look-and-go.

Anything else?

I advise getting a tint, along with the threading, to reduce the need for daily application of products designed to enhance the brows. There should now be no need for these.

How much does it cost?

My regular treatment costs €25, which is for the thread and tint. The threading alone costs €15.

How often do I need to get it done?

It is recommended that you maintain the look by re-doing every five weeks or so. Give it a try. You may never look back.

Again, what salon do you recommend?

I visit Marie Walsh Beauty, 40 Lower Magdalene Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth. You can find out more details about the salon at