Target Launches ‘Original Use’ For Men

Target Launches ‘Original Use’ for Men Into Streetwear and We’re Not Mad At It

Target wants guys to dress more comfortably this year and the new launch of their own brand, Original Use, does just that.  Here’s the deal.

Target Launches New Original Use Street-Style Clothes for Men 2018

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Believe it or not there actually was a time when you would never tell anyone that you bought your clothes from Target.  Tech stuff, movies, books, bedding…sure.  But clothes?  Never.  That’s all been changing recently as Target has upped their game on the designers (and the quality) that they’re working with.  Most recently, Target announced they’re launching their own brand of streetwear-geared clothes for men called Original Use and, well, ba da ba ba ba, we’re lovin’ it.

Original Use was created after Target saw the need to reach a much younger audience and actually listen to what they had to say and what they wanted to wear.  According to a Target rep,

The street style-inspired Original Use empowers young men to experiment with and refine their personal style.”

Original Use is officially launching on August 4, 2018 and really is uber-affordable because the prices are actually going to range anywhere from starting at $10 and going up to $40.  In the sneak peek, we’ve seen pretty cool bomber jackets perfect for the fall, crossbody bags we all need when heading out to school or work, matching track suits, and more.  The best part is that so much of this is going to be mix-and-match so you really can style it out any-which-way you see fit. And, hey, even the Original Use logo is pretty fly.  Are ‘the kids’ still saying ‘fly?’

Target Original Use Logo 2018

Check back here soon because we’ll be reviewing some of our favorite items from Original Use as soon as the sneak peek is revealed to us.  And check out their new affordable tech product-line called Heyday.  You’ll find the coolest things there too. Plus, if you’re like us and looking to save some money, Target is always offering some kind of promo or having some kind of salegoing on.  We cover that too!