Spring Fashion 2024

In 2024, fashion transcends the superficial and becomes a platform for positive change. Sustainability, inclusivity, and a celebration of individuality are the driving forces behind the biggest fashion trends of the year. As consumers become more conscious of their choices, the fashion industry responds by evolving towards a more responsible and diverse future. Whether you’re a fan of sustainable fashion, tech-infused designs, or nostalgic throwbacks, 2024 offers a rich tapestry of styles that cater to every taste and value.

We’re Calling It: 2024’s Biggest Fashion Trends

The fashion forecast calls for fringe, sheers, and more.

Models wearing 2024's biggest fashion trends walk in the Dries Van Noten, Alexander McQueen and Michael Kors SS24 runway shows.
From left: Dries Van Noten, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Though 2024 hasn’t arrived just yet, its biggest fashion trends (spotted on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways during New York, Milan, Paris, and London fashion weeks) are already well underway. While Fashion Week always comes with a bit of seasonal dissonance thanks to the industry’s forward-looking production cycles, we love getting a glimpse into the sartorial future.

Since SS24 collections debut in the fall, eagle-eyed trend-spotters can get a head start on outfitting themselves in the upcoming year’s most covetable styles, including the dozen trends ahead that will define 2024’s fashion focus.

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Gucci, Burberry, and Akris models wear micro-fringe, one of 2024's biggest fashion trends.
From left: Gucci, Burberry, Akris.GETTY IMAGES

We were glad to see that designers like Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Gucci, Mugler, and Tom Ford haven’t abandoned fringe for spring and summer—and 2024’s fringe forecast calls for ultra-fine strands (the width of thread or floss rather than yarn) of micro-fringe accenting hemlines and directing the eye to key elements of outerwear, dresses, and separates.

Fringe in 2024 will inarguably be more refined than what we’ve seen in previous seasons, causing an exciting dichotomy. Due to its size, this fringe is more subtle. Still, its subtlety means it can be incorporated at greater volume into a broader range of pieces like the Giorgio Armani sleeveless collared blouse and Bottega Veneta midi skirt pictured above. TL;DR: The size and refinement of 2024’s micro-fringe make it more subversive than previous, thicker variations.

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Business Sensual

Sportmax, Issey Miyake, and Givenchy models wear sheer separates, one of 2024's biggest fashion trends.
From left: Sportmax, Issey Miyake, Givenchy.GETTY IMAGES

The most oft-spotted trend of the 2024 Spring/Summer runways might just be the 2024 fashion trend that’s undergone the most drastic evolution—sheer dressing. Throughout Fashion Month, gauzy sheer fabrics left the realm of ethereal gowns and entered the business casual chat.

Sportmax, Givenchy, Philosophy By Lorenzo Serafini, and Issey Miyake sent blouses, midi skirts, and button-downs down the runway that wouldn’t look out of place in an office setting were they just a shade less sheer. Chanel, Carolina Herrera, and Michael Kors took a slightly different approach with downright conservative hemlines on matching sets, pinafores, and maxi dresses.

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Major Mod Micro-Minis

Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Richard Quinn models wear mod mini-dresses, one of 2024's biggest fashion trends.
From left: Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Richard Quinn.GETTY IMAGES

Who needs a bodycon mini dress when you’ve got one that’s fully bejeweled? That’s the question posited by another major 2024 fashion trend—rhinestone and sequin-encrusted micro-minis. This happy marriage of boxy mod silhouettes and shimmering finishes ranges from peachy nude and pearlescent paillettes and shift dress structures spotted at Carolina Hererra and Richard Quinn to Gucci’s relaxed-to-the-point-of-pinafore tangerine dream dress featuring a gothic checkerboard of rhinestones. Meanwhile, designers like Christian Cowan, Michael Kors, and Versace incorporated ’70s style touchstones like bell sleeves and abstract floral motifs in their takes on this gilded and groovy trend.

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Subversive Prep

Runway models wear one 2024 biggest fashion trends: preppy tops and flouncy skirts.
From left: Bally, Miu Miu, Loewe.GETTY IMAGES

Classic preppy layers featuring cardigans, button-downs, polo shirts, and pull-overs got a refresh at  Bally, Miu Miu, Loewe, Susan Fang, and Moschino, thanks to flouncy, frothy tulle, and layered mini skirts. Our favorite trends take what we love about preexisting aesthetics and inject something new into the look with extra points awarded for turning a trend on its head. Subversive preppy get-ups do just that—blending hard and soft, angular and airy, and masculine and feminine vibes for a delightfully daring remix.

If micro-minis aren’t your thing, you can try the subversive prep styling spotted at Dries Van Noten and No.21. Both brands opted for sequin-embellished knee-length skirts to spice up their model’s preppy sweaters.

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Punk Rococo

Erdem, Simone Rocha, and Richard Quinn models wear one of 2024's biggest fashion trends.
From left: Erdem, Simone Rocha, Richard Quinn.GETTY IMAGES

At Erdem, Kimhekim, Moschino, and Sixdo, ultra-femme bows and frills worn with unapologetic boldness and edgy accessories took up the torch of the 2023 coquette aesthetic. Meanwhile, Simone Rocha, Palomo Spain, Adeam, and Dior got downright goth-adjacent by pairing wedding dress-worthy layers of lace and tulle with black jewelry, boots, and, in some instances, lipstick.

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Call to Armor

Runway models wear one 2024 biggest fashion trends: chainmail and armor-inspired metallic separates
From left: Coperni, Alexander McQueen, Rabanne.GETTY IMAGES

We’d been hoping the knight in shining armor styles at Jean Paul Gaultier, Balenciaga, and Georges Chakra weren’t a Couture Fashion Week one-off and it looks like 2024 won’t disappoint us. Breastplates, chainmail, and structured metallics brought the medieval battlefield onto the runway and into our 2024 ‘fit rotation thanks to designers like Rabanne, Coperni, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, and Isabel Marant.

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Sling It Back

Sling-back heels, one of 2024's biggest shoe trends, seen on the Valentino, Gucci, and Saint Laurent runways.
From left: Valentino, Gucci, Saint Laurent.GETTY IMAGES

In what might be the most recognizably retro trend of 2024, slingback heels, the likes of which haven’t been seen quite this sleekly secretarial or vampy since the ’90s, appeared on the Saint Laurent, Phillip Lim, and Gucci runways. At Valentino, a more demure approach was applied to more demure flats, with kitten heel variations making waves as well.

While we’re cheering on the return of the classic slingback pump silhouette, we were equally intrigued by designers who reworked slingback elements into different styles. At Chanel, slingback ankle straps were spotted on jewel-encrusted ballet flats. Versace added clear blink-and-you’ll-miss-it slingback details to its lucite block heels and Zimmermann mixed mules, clogs, and slingbacks for a sweetly casual take on the trend.

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Pastoral Idyll

Givenchy, Michael Kors, and Erdem models wear florals, one of 2024's biggest fashion trends.
From left: Givenchy, Michael Kors, Erdem.GETTY IMAGES

Art historians rejoice! The lush paradise of pastoral and idyllic oil paintings came to life up and down SS24 runways in the most elevated take on spring florals we’ve seen in years. At Zimmermann, Giambattista Valli, and Erdem, layers of intricately embroidered lace and tulle served us all the romance of an idyllic work of art. It’s serving shepherdess reclining in a field of wildflowers, and we’re here for it.

At Carolina Herrera and Elie Saab, pastoral prints, festooned dresses, and full skirts remind us of minute landscapes that adorn bone china tea sets. No shade to the hyperrealistic, glitter-spangled, or retro florals of seasons past, but we’re enchanted by the way this fresh approach imbues a classic spring trend with an air of erstwhile sophistication.

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Emotional Support Bags

Loewe, Valentino, and Miu Miu models carry oversized bags, one of 2024's biggest bag trends.
From left: Loewe, Valentino, Miu Miu.GETTY IMAGES

Need a hug? A slouchy oversized bag does what a micro-bag can’t: Hold everything you need for work, including your laptop, and give you something to snuggle up to. Whether carried over the shoulder or tucked under an arm, 2024’s trendiest bags are a world away from the mini-purses of seasons past. With styles ranging from Bottega’s gunmetal take on a woven market basket to Valentino’s more classically constructed mega-tote, there are plenty of takes on this trend to choose from.

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Wiederhoeft, Versace, Tom Ford, and models wear ice blue, one of the 2024's biggest fashion trends.
From left: Wiederhoeft, Versace, Tom Ford.GETTY IMAGES

We said, brrr, it’s cold in here, or at least it’ll be cold in 2024 when icy metallics replace standard spring pastels. We’re not turning our noses up at the soft color palettes that often mark the change of seasons, but not everyone wants to wear Easter or cupcake colors when the weather warms up. Enter the top color trend of 2024: a fresh color palette with the pale and airy lightness of pastels but amped up with the bite of winter ice.

Glacial blue stood out as 2024’s icy tone of choice with variants sent down the runways at LaQuan Smith, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Wiederhoeft, and Tom Ford but silvery green, liquid rose, and frosty lilac made appearances as well, courtesy of Giambattista Valli, Christian Cowan, and Issey Miyake.

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Sock It to ‘Em

MSGM, Dries Van Noten, and Victoria Beckham models wear socks with heels and socks with sandals, one of 2024's biggest fashion trends
From left: MSGM, Dries Van Noten, Victoria Beckham.GETTY IMAGES

If the SS24 runways are any indication, fashion has put its foot down firmly on the sock side of the socks with heels and sandals debate. At Victoria Beckham, Givenchy, Phillip Lim, and Anteprima, models wore sheer, nearly-knee-high socks with sleek pumps, open-toed sandals, and demure ballet flats. Etro and Moschino took things one step further: the former went for full-on statement socks worn with sandals and strappy summer flats, while the latter layered frilly ankle socks over lace tights for a more-is-more approach to the trend.

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Golden Knots

Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Schiaparelli were gold knot loop earrings, one of 2024's biggest jewelry trends.
From left: Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli.GETTY IMAGES

At Saint Laurent and Schiaparelli, redoubled loops and knotted, swooping spheres gave a more concrete shape to the oversized droplet earring trend that dominated 2023. Alexander McQueen and Coperni took a mismatched approach to this trend, pairing large double-hoop cuffs with dangling statement earrings, another major jewelry moment for 2024.