LeBron James Can Have His Wine & Drink It Too!

LeBron James Has an Unexpected Obsession, and You’ll Never Guess What It Is

LeBron James is a famous athlete known for delivering great performances. He’s obsessed with working out. He exercises five days during the week in the offseason and seven days a week during the regular season. And he also loves shoes. But another passion of his is less obvious, given his profession. Ahead, learn how he fuels his body, and discover his obsession (page 5).

LeBron James is known for healthy eating

LeBron James reacts during the 2017 NBA Finals.

LeBron James knows how to fuel his body. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As an athlete, LeBron is used to eating healthy. This is a guy who drinks bone broth. He chooses lean protein and vegetables over a pizza — though not all time — and exercises regularly. He truly lives a healthy lifestyle, unlike some pro athletes.

Hint: How LeBron lost weight in the offseason

He goes on ridiculously hard diets


He’s committed. | LeBron James via Instagram

In summer 2014, LeBron didn’t eat any sugar, carbs, or dairy. “All I ate was meat, fish, veggies and fruit. That’s it. For 67 straight days,” he told Sports Illustrated. He planned on following the diet for one month but continued because his body felt good.

Hint: LeBron is all about the core.

His workouts are extremely difficult


He’s all about core strength. | LeBron James via Instagram

LeBron is all about core strength. Take, for example, him balancing on a medicine ball while holding kettlebells. If that’s not difficult enough, his trainer balances two more kettlebells on the one LeBron is holding in this video. “Everything starts and ends with the core. No core no nothing!” LeBron says in the video’s caption.

Hint: While on a diet, he said “no” to this.

LeBron James said ‘no’ to a personalized birthday cake

Birthday cake

He knows how to say no. | LeBron James via Instagram

While vacationing with his family in Greece, LeBron celebrated his birthday. A restaurant made him a special birthday dessert, but he didn’t take one bite. “Thank you #Nammos Mykonos for the dessert gesture. To dang on bad I can’t eat it! Grrrrrrrrrr!! Smh. #ButIWantItThough #AlmostAtTheFinishLine,” the caption read.

Hint: This is LeBron’s unexpected obsession.

He drinks wine every day

“I’ve heard it’s good for the heart,” James told ESPN. “Listen, I’m playing the best basketball of my life, and I’m drinking some wine pretty much every day. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.” He won a national title in 2016, all while including wine in his diet.

Hint: LeBron James is no novice when it comes to wine.

He’s a serious wino

Wine bottles

He knows his wine. | LeBron James via Instagram

“Don’t talk to me about wine like u know it if you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Seriously! Thank you!” If you’re not a sommelier — or close to being one — don’t talk to LeBron about wine. We’re guessing he swirls his wine in the glass and sniffs the aroma of the vintage.

Hint: He likes to have a nightcap.

He ends his days with wine

Wine bottle with note

It helps him unwind. | LeBron James via Instagram

LeBron likes to end his days by winding down with a glass of wine. “After a long day with my youngest son bday party it’s only right I have a nightcap of this baby, with two amazingly beautiful ladies @mrs_savannahrj@jada_ap. Bars!! #VinoMan#CatchUp”