Launching Of Beauty Line Founded By Latvian Models

Amazon launched a beauty line founded by Latvian models

  • now features a beauty brand that is exclusively sold through its marketplace.
  • It is reportedly the first beauty product to hit the market from Amazon’s brand accelerator program.
  • Amazon is increasingly making moves in the health, wellness and beauty industries.
A new beauty line sold exclusively on Amazon

Amazon last week launched an exclusive line of beauty products, including face masks and makeup removing wipes.

The line, which is known as Fast Beauty Company, is reportedly the first beauty brand to hit the marketplace from Amazon’s brand accelerator program, which helps founders create private label brands to be sold exclusively on its marketplace. That’s different than Amazon-owned brands, such as its Presto toilet paper.

Amazon has a growing interest in the health, wellness and beauty sectors. The company worked with a medical device company to develop an exclusive brand of blood glucose monitors last October, and it has other brands dedicated to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, hair care products and shave gels. It also acquired an internet pharmacy company, PillPack, in 2018, which represented an early step into the prescription drug marketplace.

Dhaval Bhanusali, a New York-based dermatologist who helped formulate the skin-care line, told CNBC he worked closely with Amazon throughout the process. The other partners on the project include sisters Simona and Diana Kubasova, who are both Latvian models.

On the company’s website, the Kubasova sisters said they launched the line with scientists and formulators to provide “effective, get gorgeous solutions in just five minutes.” Other products in the line include a collagen product that claims to hydrate the skin, and a collection formulated with charcoal aimed at blemishes.

Most of the products are available to buy for $5 and up.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.