Fear Of God’s Collection Dropped

Fear of God’s first-ever runway collection is a groundbreaking moment in the brand’s journey and a defining chapter in the evolution of contemporary fashion. Jerry Lorenzo’s ability to seamlessly merge streetwear with high-fashion sensibilities has set a new standard for the industry, proving that style is not confined to predefined categories. As Fear of God continues to shape the future of fashion, its inaugural runway collection stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and the relentless pursuit of sartorial excellence.

Fear of God’s First-Ever Runway Collection Has Dropped

Collection 8, which first met the world last spring at the brand’s Hollywood Bowl spectacle, can now be yours.

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Last spring, Jerry Lorenzo staged his first-ever Fear of God runway show inside Los Angeles’ famed Hollywood Bowl. The milestone showcase, which drew thousands to the SoCal venue, became the destination for Collection 8’s debut. It was a line that celebrated “American luxury,” straying from the label’s neutral Essentials line to build a wardrobe that both championed Americana’s regality while accounting for the generations of injustices that riddle the country’s history. Now, its contents can finally enter your closet, as Fear of God has officially released the full collection online and in stores.

“Derived from a robust mix of influences spanning the experiences of Jerry Lorenzo’s individual American perspective and journey, the offering extends the house’s inimitable design language through explorations of textured, dimensional fabrics in architectural yet generous and comfortable proportions,” reads the collection notes.

The line is filled with sophistication: overcoats featuring double-wool stand collars give way to yellow leather driver gloves, and double-breasted gabardine trenches adopt a lemon cream hue. Blazers, in dune tones, are tied shut with leather rope belts, while bombers come hooded and done up in shearling. Jacquard blazers meet silk tank tops and wide-leg trousers. Lapelless cougar overcoats drown nylon high-neck tops. Rider jackets and five-pocket pants employ aged leather. It’s American luxury, with a raw edge.

Fear of God’s Collection 8 is now available to shop on the brand’s webstore and in select retail outposts. Take a closer look at the range in the gallery above.