Favorite Foods Of Drake

Drake’s Favorite Food


Interested in Drake’s favorite foods? Is the super talent rapper Drake one of your favorite stars? If your interested in what kinds of food Drake eats to fuel his body, look no further.

  1. Mexican. One of Drake’s favorite foods is Mexican. Whether he he is taking a relaxing vacation in Los Cabos or picking up something from Taco bell Drake enjoys this great cuisine. He loves to indulge in Mexican foods such as tacos and quesadillas.
  2. Italian. Drake’s favorite foods rang from many international foods. Too add to his love of Mexican food, he also enjoys Italian cuisine. Drake enjoys eating Italian cuisine whenever he can. He loves pasta, especially lasagna. He eats his favorite Italian food paired with a glass of his favorite wine Sito Moresco.
  3. Chinese. Continuing his love for international food, Drake loves Chinese food. When Drake has a craving for one of his favorite foods, it’s likely he will have a crispy egg roll or a plate of General Tso’s chicken. Whether Drake is ordering take out Chinese food, or has a personal chief whip up a fresh Asian dish for him. Drake gets what Drake wants.
  4. Ice Cream. When Drake wants to indulge in his sweet tooth, he reaches for his favorite ice cream Rocky Road.
  5. Junk Food. Since Drake is an international super star he is always on the road or in the recording studio. When he wants something quick to each he reaches for his favorite fast foods, from places like In-N-out. He always enjoys snacking on potato chips, pizza, Starbucks, creme brulee, chicken noodle soup, frosted flakes and candy.