Enjoy Brushing Better!

The entire brush costs less than the brush heads of others.

By stripping away the features teeth don’t need and removing the middleman by selling direct to consumer, quip is able to be one of the most affordable electric toothbrushes on the market. quip starts at just $25, and brush heads are delivered to your door every three months for only $5 with free shipping. (That’s up to ⅕ the cost of some other electric toothbrush brand heads that aren’t even delivered!)

It’s got all features dentists recommend (none they don’t)

quip’s designer founders worked closely with dentists to identify which features have the biggest impact on oral health. quip’s one mode features vibrating bristles that encourage better, softer brushing, and 30 second pulses to ensure you are covering your mouth evenly during the 2 minutes the timer runs. You won’t find any battery-hogging, bulk-adding 8 modes here, just the basics, done better.

It’s smaller, lighter, and quieter than the competition.

quip’s the same length as a manual brush (7.5 inches), easier to move around the mouth than most electrics (just 3oz), and is almost silent in use (no more waking up your loved ones when brushing). More perks of ditching the features you don’t need. Best of all, its beautiful design is available in metal options that make picking up your brush twice a day something to actually look forward to.

It’s (actually) wireless and stored by (not actual) magic.

Goodbye clunky charging stand. Instead of locking batteries inside like most electrics, quip’s battery is removable, allowing you to either replace it with the fresh one you get free with every brush head refill (both last 3 months), or to recharge it if that’s your preference. Another bonus of not needing a charger? A sleek, re-stickable, mirror mount that keeps your counter free, brush within reach, and bathroom looking like something from 3017.

Traveling with your electric toothbrush isn’t a headache.

quip’s sleek design isn’t just for looks, it’s also great for travel. The slim brush easily fits in your makeup bag, carry-on bag, or whatever-type-of-bag, and stays fresh thanks to the mirror mount doubling as a travel cover. And it’s not just for travel. Sticking to a twice daily routine can be difficult with our increasingly busy lives, so quip is perfect for that morning gym, office or even train brushing routine.

Goodbye worn bristles, hello fresh heads on schedule.

Most of us keep our brush heads for a scary 9 months (they should be replaced every 3!). Frayed bristles aren’t just gross, they’re ineffective at cleaning teeth. quip optionally auto-delivers fresh heads every 3 months for $5, (and you can add home and travel toothpaste for just $5 more). Oh, and that includes the shipping cost too. And if you’re not digging the service you can cancel anytime, online.

It lasts forever. (and you’re covered for life if it doesn’t!)

Gone are the days of accepting your electric brush will inevitably die after a year or so due to its locked in batteries struggling to hold on to a charge. quip is designed to last a lifetime with its removable battery and modular design, and it’s covered for the life of your plan in case it doesn’t. The quip support team is online 7 days a week too, if you ever have an issue or question.

People, Press and Dental Pros can’t get enough of it.

Hundreds of thousands of quip members are buzzing about their brush on social media. The press is feeling the good vibes, too — with awards ranging from TIME’s Best Inventions of 2016 to GQ’s Best Stuff 2017 and Oprah’s O-List. And goodbye “9/10 dentists recommend,” hello 10,000 (and counting) dental professionals on the platform, recommending quip to patients.

Don’t believe others, Try it yourself for 30 days, risk-free.

We’re pretty sure you’ll love quip at first brush, but as the American Dental Association will tell you: Personal preference is one of the most important factors when finding the most effective brush. The more you enjoy brushing, the better you tend to brush. Simple. quip, starting at $25 for plastic ($40 for metal) was designed to make brushing as enjoyable as possible, but if you’re not loving it, you have 30 days to return it for a refund.

Enjoy brushing better.