Communication Exercises

10 Communication Activities for Adults and College Students

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10 Communication Activities for Adults and College StudentsIt seems like these days, customs for communication are completely confused. Sending emails can seem like diffusing a bomb, or knowing which topic to approach with a co-worker like stepping over landmines.

With massive online social media usage changing how the world communicates, it’s no wonder some struggle to properly communicate their thoughts and feelings and tailor them to the right audience.

Communication is such a broad, multi-layered word. To understand how to better your skills at communicating, it’s probably best to establish that good communication is made up of many things including:

  • active listening
  • appropriate posture and body language
  • friendly/appropriate tone
  • eye contact
  • speaking clearly and concisely
  • demeanor of confidence and friendliness
  • empathy and respect
  • knowing which medium of communication to use for which situation (Doyle, 2017)


Communicating effectively is, undoubtedly, a skill that must be practiced, reinforced, and learned about.