Biggest Launch Star Wars Lightsaber Makeup Brushes!

Storybook Cosmetics Lightsaber Makeup Brushes

Storybook Cosmetics Is Launching Lightsaber Makeup Brushes, and We’re Not Well

Storybook Cosmetics makes our inner fangirl squeal with glee. From launching a “grool” Mean Girls-inspired eye shadow palette to its original rose brushes, there’s something for those of us who enjoy classic books and movies. (Read: everyone.)Last November, it teased a collaboration with Star Wars, so today it’s fitting that Storybook Cosmetics announced its biggest launch yet: Star Wars Lightsaber Makeup Brushes! According to the brand’s Instagram, these five sabers will be available for preorder in the coming weeks; it’s unclear if they will be available on Ulta Beauty’s website. And from the looks of them, it seems to be a set of eye shadow brushes. So spread the word to all your favorite Star Wars stans, because if the box office is any indication of success, you’ll need the Force to get your hands on these treasures.

Image Source: Storybook Cosmetics