Jameela Jamil got ready for her first Golden Globes wearing catcus pajamas while breaking in her Nasty Gal high heels.

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“I’ve been watching the Golden Globes on TV my whole life, and I’ve always wanted to go,” she told “GMA.”


Jamil is best known for playing Tahani, a hilariously uptight British socialite on NBC’s “The Good Place.”

“I’m dressing as my character from ‘The Good Place.’ The dress is an ode to Tahani, who is the whole reason I am going today,” she explained.

Although Jamil describes Tahani as someone who is “extra,” Jamil is anything but IRL.

From doing her own makeup to wearing jeans under her gown, Jamil gave “Good Morning America” her lazy-girl guide to getting ready for one of the biggest nights in Hollywood.

1. She doesn’t have a stylist

Jamil said she’s never had a stylist.

“I like to keep it quick — I don’t want to fuss,” she said, applying press-on nails before the event. “It’s not something I like to worry about or think about all day.”

2. She wears pajamas and her heels to break them in

Jamil got ready for the Globes in her cactus pajamas and Nasty Gal high heels.

“I’m trying to break in the shoes because I’m going for comfort,” she said. “I know I look ridiculous in pajamas and heels.”

3. She bought her own gown

Jamil bought her own dress for the 2019 Golden Globes.

“I’m not sample size, so I didn’t want the stress after the holidays of thinking of trying to fit into a sample size,” she said.

4. Her makeup took 5 minutes

“I put on a tiny bit of foundation with a bit of highlighter, I mix it together on my hand and put it on my face. Very simple,” she told “GMA.”

Jamil’s policy is to not use a lot so you don’t spend a lot.

“I think when you wear a lot of makeup you can’t touch your face,” she said. “And I plan on kissing Meryl Steep on the cheek.”

5. She wore jeans under her gown

Jamil proudly flaunted jeans underneath her dress on the red carpet.

“I don’t want to be cold,” she said. “Comfort first.”