Best Drugstore Moisturizers under $20.00

The 16 Best Drugstore Moisturizers Under $20

Aside from sunscreen, moisturizer is arguably the most crucial part of any skin-care routine. Whether you’re looking to banish rough patches, soothe sensitive skin, or simply to keep hydration levels in check, the quest for choosing the perfect formula can be frustrating, to say the least, and it can end up taking a toll on both your patience and your wallet. “A good moisturizer should absorb right into the skin and relieve any tightness or dryness,” New York City-based dermatologist Lokita Singh previously told Allure. “It should be lightweight so you can’t feel it as a distinct layer on the skin.” To mitigate the time-and-money-consuming process of finding that perfect formula-feel, we sifted through plenty of hardworking hydrators — all of which are under $20 — to bring you the formulas that pack a moisturizing (not greasy) punch. So, whether your skin is superdry, extra oily, or you’re fighting off fine lines, we’ve got you — and your wallet — covered.

Photo: Hannah Choi/Allure; Courtesy of brands (products)